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Behavioral Wellness Clinic


Clinic Staff

Jasmine Fairfax

Jasmine M. Fairfax, B.A.

Office Manager

Jasmine M. Fairfax is the office manager for the Behavioral Wellness Clinic in Tolland, Connecticut. She ensures that operations are running smoothly and oversees the work of the other office staff. This includes phone intakes, payment processing, and scheduling.

Jasmine graduated with honors from the University of Louisville, majoring in Nutrition Science and minoring in Chemistry and Math. She plans on pursuing graduate studies in Nutrition and Culinary Arts. When not working or studying, she enjoys baking, singing, and spending time with her family.


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Davis, D., Steever, A., Terwilliger, J. M., & Williams, M. T. (2012). The Relationship between the Culture-Bound Syndrome Koro and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. In Psychology of Culture, G. R. Hayes & M. H. Bryant, eds., Nova Science Publishers. ISBN-13: 978-1-62257-274-8.

Daniel Zalewa

Daniel Zalewa, B.A.

Administrative Associate

Daniel Zalewa handles scheduling, payments, explaining treatment programs to new clients, and conducting community outreach. Daniel graduated from the University of Connecticut with a bachelors in Psychology, and plans on pursing a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Outside of the office, he enjoys running, exploring museums, and catching up on the latest movies.

Jade Gallo

Jade Gallo

Administrative Assistant

Jade Gallo is a part-time administrative assistant for the Behavioral Wellness Clinic and for Dr. Jordan Sloshower. She handles the financials of our clients, as well as maintains correspondence with them, among other responsibilities. She is studying at the University of Connecticut as an undergraduate with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Criminal Justice and Digital Marketing minors. Her dream is to have her own clinical practice one day. When she is not on the clock, you can find Jade out and about with her friends, listening to music, reading, or loving her dog.

Selected Presentations

Gallo, J., Sharif, N., Gran-Ruaz, S., Strauss, D., Printz, D., & Williams, M. (2020, November 19-22). The Racial Trauma Scale: Seeing trauma in colour. Poster presented at the conference of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Philadelphia, PA.

Zoe Williams Jahn

Zoe Jahn

Client Care Coordinator

Zoe Jahn is one of the administrators for the Behavioral Wellness Clinic. She takes care of client intake, phone calls, emails, payments, scheduling, and general office maintenance. She is a student at the University of Connecticut in the pre-medical field of study, and she intends on becoming a physician. In her free time, she enjoys dance, travel, trying new foods, and spending time with her friends.

Selected Presentations

Jahn, Z., Lopez, J., de la Salle, S., & Williams, M. T. (2020, November 20). Racial/Ethnic Differences in Prevalence Trends for Hallucinogen Use by Age Cohort: Findings From the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Poster presented at the conference of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Philadelphia, PA.

Joel Lopez, Zoe Jahn, and Rick Doblin in Louisville, KY

Joel Lopez

Research Assistant

Joel Lopez is part-time research assistant for the Behavioral Wellness Clinic. He assists with MDMA expanded access study, which includes scheduling, assisting participants, and keeping the office organized. Joel is an undergraduate student the University of Connecticut with a major in Psychology and minor in Cognitive Science, with an interest in psychedelic medicine. He is also a Behavioral Health Specialist in the United States Army Reserves. After graduation, he plans on pursing a graduate degree in psychology.

Selected Presentations

Lopez, J., Finstein, T., Marino, D., Lopez, A., & Wolfgang, A. (2021, April 4). Psychedelics and Substance Use Disorder: Past, present and future of addiction treatment. Presented at 8th Annual UConn Spring Frontiers in Undergraduate Research, Storrs, CT.

Lopez, J. (2020, November 22). Racial Trauma and Substance Misuse: Recreational psychedelic use as a mediating factor for substance misuse. Poster presented at the Graduate Students Association for Psychedelic Studies 2nd Annual Convergence, Los Angeles, CA.

Lopez, J. (2020, July 10). Efficacy of various Allosteric Modulators in the treatment of Psychostimulant Use Disorders. Poster presented at 8th Annual UConn McNair Scholars Summer Virtual Poster Exhibit, Storrs, CT.

Photo: Behavioral Wellness staff, Joel Lopez and Zoe Jahn, share a moment with Dr. Rick Doblin at the MAPS MDMA-assisted psychotherapy PTSD Training for Therapists of Color in Louisville, Kentucky.





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